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2.16 acres for sale in Crown Point, Indiana! No building here but lots of other possible uses!

Wonderfully wooded Land close to the lake in beautiful Lake County, IN! Even though you can’t build here the utilities are accessible! Could be used for parking or just keep it wild!

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$279.72 For 60 Months
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2.16 acres for sale in Lake County, IN. Wonderfully wooded Land close to the lake in beautiful Lake County, IN! Even though you can’t build here the utilities are accessible! Could be used for parking or just keep it wild! Spacious property great for dog walking and just relaxing! Lots of possibilities!

You are welcome to visit the property. Maps, directions, and specific location information are all available on our website.

Purchasing Options:

Seller Financing:
$12,500.00. $1,250.00 down and $250.25 a month for 60 months. Monthly loan servicing, taxes, and HOA fees (if there is an HOA) will also be collected in addition to the loan payment. Total payment, including fees and taxes, is estimated to be $279.72 ($250.25 principal and interest, $20.00 loan servicing, $9.47 property taxes, and $0.00 HOA). There are no prepayment penalties!
** Monthly payment of $250.25 based on a financed purchase price of $12,500.00 less the downpayment of $1,250.00 for a net amount financed of $11,250.00 that is payable over 60 equal installments with an amortized
interest rate of 12%.

Discounted Cash Price: $11,500.00

Nearby Attractions:

Deep River County Park:
The 1,362-acre Deep River County Park is divided into several unique areas. Along Old Lincoln Highway is the historic buildings area, with Wood’s Historic Grist Mill, a wedding gazebo, and the home field of the Deep River Grinders. Along County Line Road is another entrance, along with picnic shelters that are available for rent, a little free library, and a playground. Further north, along Ainsworth Road is Big Maple Lake with fishing opportunities and a lake trail.

Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center:
The Center, designed by the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group and constructed by the Lake County Parks and Recreation Department in Indiana, is based on the proven concept that there is a positive relationship between the way children play and their cognitive and social development. Many facilities are adopting techniques designed to encourage the natural curiosity of children. The Field Museum in Chicago, for instance, has opened the Crown Family Play Lab, which is all about hands-on experiences. The key, there and at Bellaboo’s, is a simple one -children learn through play. Everything is meant to be touched, moved, constructed, and played with. At Bellaboo’s, activities will combine fun and entertainment leading to learning and development in a safe and secure environment.

Chicago Riverwalk:
The Chicago Riverwalk is a 1.25-mile-long public path along the bank of the Chicago River offers a variety of dining, entertainment, and recreation  options. The Chicago Riverwalk is a hub for summertime entertainment in the Loop. Explore each of the six themed “rooms,” each with their own distinct landscape and activities.

Property Details:

STATE: Indiana (IN)
SIZE: 2.16 Acres
APN(s): 45-11-25-305-011.000-032 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
GPS COORDINATES: 41.45365278,-87.40854563
TAXES: No back taxes, approximately $113.59 per year total
HOA Dues: Approximately $0.00 per year total
ZONING: R-2 Residential
SEWER: Municipal Sewer
WATER: City Water
UTILITIES: Along the Road
CONVEYANCE: Special Warranty Deed
TITLE: Free of Liens and Encumbrances
WEBSITE URL: https://findsomeland.com/property/IN-LAK-TS0144/
CLICKABLE GOOGLE MAPS URL: http://www.google.com/maps/place/41.45365278,-87.40854563

Crown Point- 12 Mins
Hammond- 26 Mins
Gary- 23 Mins
Valparaiso- 34 Mins

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the property is located. Buyer is responsible for conducting due diligence.
If purchasing with installment sale terms, the installment land contract stipulates that the property may not be improved until balance is paid in full. Please feel free to contact us if this is an issue for you so that we can discuss your specific situation and plans.



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