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Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. Feel free to contact us if you have unanswered questions!

General Questions

There are many uses for properties that can’t be built on. Typically these are the most popular reasons why someone would want to buy property that can’t have a house: extra storage, container boxes, boat parking, semi trailers, bird watching, dirt biking, four wheeling, target shooting, firewood, gardening, urban gardens, greenhouses, hunting, dog walking, exercise, art/painting/pottery, storage sheds, dedicated camping, parking an RV temporarily (zoning has to allow for longer term parking), or even just a place to sit. 


Adjacent property owners (neighbors whose property touches the boundary lines) to an “unbuildable” lot may also be interested in purchasing a property for additional access to their own property, increasing their own property value through larger land ownership, solar panel field, and even extra land area for an alternative site for their septic system or well in the event their first site is no longer usable.

None of the properties are owned by Find Some Land LLC. The entities that do own each of the properties will always have common ownership with Find Some Land LLC, therefore we are selling all of our own properties. 


A cash purchase transaction would be handled by a title company. The title company verifies all of the ownership records and also handles all of the money in the transaction. A seller financing transaction is processed directly  through us but we would be able to provide copies of the deeds or other county records that verify ownership. 

A buyer can begin using the property at closing with the title company if purchasing with cash which typically takes 30-40 days. Buyers that purchase with seller financing would be able to start using the property as soon as their contract documents have been signed and downpayment processed.

No. A cash closing just means that you will be closing on the property through a title company and paying in full. Your source of funds could very well be cash that you already have, but you could also fund the purchase with a variety of loans.

Determining the safety of the neighborhood isn’t really possible for us to do. Everyone has different standards of what is safe and opinions about an area. 

The reservation fee allows a buyer to hold a property until they close, whether it is the seller financing or a cash transaction. Properties would be “on hold” forever without a reservation system.

Visiting Properties

No, we won’t be able to meet you at the property. Our properties are spread over a large geographic area and we work with far too many buyers.

The website contains a wealth of information regarding the site. Everything we know about the property has been written on those pages.

Absolutely! You are welcome to visit the property any time. Directions can be found on the individual property page.

Scroll to the bottom of the property page and click the button labeled “Google Maps Directions”. Google will use the precise GPS coordinates of the property to provide directions from anywhere!

Rarely are the property lines marked when you are on site. An interested buyer is always welcome to hire a surveyor to mark the property boundaries.

Access to a GPS based property boundary system is also provided for use. Click the button on the specific property’s page that is labeled “MapRight Mobile Boundaries” and you will be provided with a link to the mapping software.

You can download the free version of the MapRight app (Android or Apple iOS) and it will use your phone’s GPS to show your approximate location to the property boundary lines on file with the county.

Purchasing Process

Once you find the property you would like, simply “check out”! You will be able to pay the down payment and document processing fee on the website as well as provide your information for the paperwork. Within 1 or 2 business days, you will receive a Contract For Deed (also known as a Land Contract) via an email link to Sign Now, an online document signing service. You will be able to review the contract online and sign.

Absolutely not. All of the fees and costs associated with the property purchase will be outlined in the purchase agreement.

Yes! As long as you close your purchase and it is funded 100% then the cash discount would still apply.

There are actually a couple of different types of loans that are available above and beyond the typical bank loan. Several online lenders offer unsecured personal loans. Peer to peer lending sites and low cost balance transfer credit cards are also options!

Seller Financing

Check out the page for the property that interests you. The down payment and financing information specific to the property can be found there. 

There will not be an application process. Everyone is approved! You will need to make the payment for the documentation fee and then the paperwork for the contract will be prepared. We will send the contract to you and collect the remaining downpayment.

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No! You are welcome to pay off your contract balance early. There are no penalties. You must pay off the entire balance at closing. 

The amount of the property taxes will be included in the contract and billed to you as part of your payment. The bill will still come to me and I will pay the taxes. 

No, additional amounts paid with monthly payments are carried forward and applied to the next month’s payment. The entire remaining principal balance must be paid off at one time in order qualify for the penalty free early payoff.

The buyer is responsible for all maintenance costs on the property while in their ownership. Maintenance costs would include mowing, fallen tree removal, securing buildings if there are buildings on the property, and not allowing the property to become a nuisance for the neighbors.


Realtors are welcome to work with Find Some Land.

Absolutely not. All of the fees and costs associated with the property purchase will be outlined in the purchase agreement.

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