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Large building lot with multiple utility hookups!

This site was previously used as a small mobile home park. There are 4 sites with utilities already installed. Choose one of those locations for a future house or use these sites for accessory buildings.

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$381.92/mo For 84 Months
$1,500 Down Payment Reserve Now

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$ 18,000
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0.96 acres for sale in Greene County, IN. This site was previously used as a small mobile home park. There are 4 sites with utilities already installed. Choose one of those locations for a future house or use these sites for accessory buildings. Rectangular site on city water and sewers. Layout could be redesigned for much more efficient use of the space. Old junk mobile homes have been removed and are no longer on site.
You are welcome to visit the property. Maps, directions, and specific location information are all available on our website

Purchasing Options:
Seller Financing:
$20,000.00. $1,500.00 down and $326.58 a month for 84 months. Monthly loan servicing, taxes, and HOA fees (if there is an HOA) will also be collected in addition to the loan payment. Total payment, including fees and taxes, is estimated to be $381.92 ($326.58 principal and interest, $20.00 loan servicing, $35.35 property taxes, and $0.00 HOA). There are no prepayment penalties!
** Monthly payment of $326.58 based on a financed purchase price of $20,000.00 less the downpayment of $1,500.00 for a net amount financed of $18,500.00 that is payable over 84 equal installments with an amortized
interest rate of 12%.

Discounted Cash Price: $18,000.00

Nearby Attractions:

Goose Pond:
Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area in Greene County provides quality hunting, wildlife viewing and trapping opportunities on 9,018 acres of prairie and marsh habitat. About 12,000 wildlife watchers visit each year, and the property records about 3,500 annual hunting efforts (one hunter visit for one day).

Shakamak State Park:
Ready to relax? Let’s head for Shakamak. Three man-made lakes offer 400 acres of water for fishing and boating while a family aquatic center provides swimming fun. About two-thirds of the campsites are in a wooded area, offering cool shade in the summer and beautiful fall colors in autumn. Nearby is a play field area for family fun. A popular feature of the park is the group camp.

Visit Historic French Lick and West Baden:
The beautiful resort community of French Lick West Baden, Indiana and
neighboring towns of Orleans and Paoli have been welcoming guests on marvelous Indiana getaways for over 100 years —guests who have been searching for the perfect place of gracious hospitality, ultimate luxury, and a multitude of opportunities to be pleased.

Property Details

STATE: Indiana (IN)
COUNTY: Greene
ADDRESS: 9th St NW, Linton, IN, 47441
SIZE: 0.96 Acres
APN(s): 28-06-22-221-037.000-018 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
GPS COORDINATES: 39.035463933129705,-87.17695190682409
TAXES: No back taxes, approximately $424.18 per year total
HOA Dues: Approximately $0.00 per year total
ZONING: Mobile Home Park
SEWER: Municipal Sewer
WATER: City Water
UTILITIES: at road, 4 individual meters set
CONVEYANCE: Special Warranty Deed
TITLE: Free of Liens & Encumbrances
WEBSITE URL: https://findsomeland.com/property/IN-GRE-TS0119/


Bloomington, IN – 45 Minutes
Bedford, IN – 45 Minutes
Terre Haute, IN – 1 Hour
Evansville, IN – 1.5 Hours
Indianapolis, IN – 1.5 Hours
Louisville, KY – 2 Hours
Chicago, IL – 4.25 Hours

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